Hello, I am Mark McShane, a Scottish entrepreneur

My venture into entrepreneurship began at a young age and it has been a thrilling ride ever since. Within a year of starting my first enterprise, I was honored as a finalist for the ROCCO Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, an early recognition that fueled my desire to push the boundaries.

Mark McShane
My Portfolio

My Business Portfolio

I currently own and operate businesses in various sectors, a strategic move designed to diversify my portfolio and mitigate risks. These sectors include:

- Public Relations (PR)
- Heating
- Electrical Services
- Solar Panels & Renewables
- First Aid Training


Scaling and Exiting

Another notable aspect of my career is my ability to scale and exit businesses. I have successfully scaled and sold multiple enterprises. This experience has taught me the intricate nuances of scaling a business from a startup to a profitable entity and has enriched my insights into market dynamics, team management, and value creation.

Mark McShane
My Socials

Social Media

You can find me on most social media platforms my main ones are listed below:


Mark McShane, Scottish Entrepreneur